Real estate managers Or owners, why chose amp it for charging stations installation in your multi-tenant properties ?

The objective of the Swiss Confederation is that electric cars (fully electric and hybrid) represent 50% of new registrations already by 2025. However, a problem is already arising in multi-tenant residential and commercial buildings with regards to access to the charging service.

Indeed, few real estate owners wish to finance, manage and maintain charging stations installations in multi-tenant properties, be it commercial or residential real estate. The absence of easy and accessible charging solution for electric cars considerably slows down their adoption.

This is why AMP IT is convinced that real estate owners and management companies shall anticipate the demand for EV charging service and start a gradual and thoughtful transition to electric mobility today.


our solution

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AMP IT offers various financing models to fund the EV charging system deployment. AMP IT proposes Smart Yield program comprising a full scale analysis of your real estate portfolio. 

Our different

financing models

AMP IT offers great flexibility to owners depending on their objectives
and the degree of involvement they wish to have.


contracting solution

100% AMP IT funds

EASY invest

hybride solution

AMP IT and Real estate owner split the funding


operator solution

Real estate owner funds and remain owner of the EV charging system

Our program

smart yield

Smart Yield is the turnkey solution for large real estate owners or fund managers to solve the problem of access to electric car charging in multi-tenant properties.

The program can bu summed up in six phases that are adjustable and flexible according to your objective.

1. scope

2. real estate
portfolio analysis

3. data consolidation & recommendations

4. white label for web
& mobile app

5. ev charging stations

6. management, operation & maintenance

The benefits of the program

smart yield

Make an appointment with one of our experts to get a customis offer.
We look forward to supporting you in the transition to electric mobility.