How AMP IT facilitates access to EV charging to BUSINESSES ?

Whether you are a company that would like to provide EV charging to your employees or convert your own company fleet to electric vehicles, AMP IT offers you a turnkey solution facilitating your transition to e-mobility.

AMP IT supports you in your energy transition by analyzing your current and future charging needs and will provide you the right solution adapted to your needs.

Focus on your core business activity, allow AMP IT to manage all of your charging needs!




No administrative procedures to be undertaken by you – AMP IT takes care of obtaining the necessary agreements from management companies and authorities in order to install electric car charging system at your premises.


The investment and installation of the EV charging station at your place is handled by AMP IT with no operating or maintenance costs for your account, allowing you to focus on your core business.


AMP IT proposes different financing models for the EV charging systems in order to minimize the financial impact linked to the initial equipment infrastructure installation.

secure access

We provide a unique and secure access to your charging stations via an RFID tag. As a result, your staff will have unique access to your charging system, allowing charging at all times.

load management

Dynamic load management reduces charging capacity during peak energy consumption hours. Therefore, it ensures safe and optimal charge of your EV fleet, protecting main infrastructure.


AMP IT provides access to automatic monitoring of your electricity consumption so that you’re able to track it on monthly basis against the invoice that you get.


AMP IT uses 100% certified sustainable energy for the electric car charging stations. AMP IT team will communicate your carbon impact to you on a regular basis.


Our charging stations are produced in Europe, charge up to 22 kW, compatible with any electric vehicle and meet all the relevant safety standards.


Thanks to our e-monitoring system and our local partners, we guarantee you a flawless support and maintenance service that will ensure a smooth operation of your EV charging system.