Cablex and AMP IT Forge Alliance to Accelerate Nationwide EV Charging Infrastructure Deployment

AMP IT is delighted to share a significant milestone in our journey towards advancing electric mobility infrastructure. Following the successful implementation of numerous electric vehicle charging systems installations across Geneva and Vaud cantons, we are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with cablex, a leading electric equipment installer. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to fostering sustainable transportation solutions. After careful consideration, cablex has been selected as our preferred nationwide e-mobility charging systems installer. Boasting a robust national network comprising 24 service locations and over 2500 specialists, cablex provides the expertise and reach necessary to accelerate the deployment of EV charging systems across the country. This collaboration will not only enhance our installation capabilities but also expand our geographical footprint, allowing us to serve a broader spectrum of communities. Ilya Tyuvildin, AMP IT co-founder and chairman of the board, emphasizes the critical role that cablex plays in addressing the evolving needs of large real estate owners seeking private EV charging solutions. “In order to meet the growing demand for private EV charging systems installations, we must efficiently conduct technical analyses for each building, estimate installation costs, and do so at scale. Cablex’s extensive network and proficiency position them as invaluable partners in supporting us to achieve these objectives,” states Mr. Tyuvildin. Looking ahead, AMP IT has set ambitious targets for the installation of private electric vehicle charging stations. Our goal is to equip 100 residential and commercial buildings with EV charging infrastructure in 2024, with a more ambitious plan to reach 400 installations in 2025. This forward-looking initiative aligns with our commitment to driving the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions and contributing to the evolution of a cleaner and greener future. This partnership with cablex signifies a shared vision for a more sustainable and connected future. As we join forces, AMP IT and cablex are poised to make a lasting impact on the e-mobility landscape, transforming the way communities access and utilize electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Together, we are paving the way for a future where sustainable transportation is not just a choice but a seamless and accessible part of everyday life.

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