Electric mobility: AMP IT inaugurates 13 charging stations in Chexbres, Vaud

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand-new charging project in Chexbres, in the canton of Vaud.

A Vaud-based IT company has decided to convert its fleet of vehicles to electric, expressing its commitment to sustainable mobility. In this context, the company now wishes to provide the option for direct charging of electric vehicles at its workplace. Furthermore, recognizing the benefits of electric mobility, the company also encourages its employees to adopt this mode of transportation. Thus, employees will have the opportunity to recharge their vehicles during working hours, directly in the company’s parking lot.

We have installed 13 Zaptec charging stations in the company’s outdoor parking area. These stations are connected to the cloud via a robust Wi-Fi network, ensuring instant transmission of charging information. Additionally, to manage electric load efficiently and avoid overloading existing networks, a dynamic charge management system has been integrated into the installation.

AMP IT will take care of the maintenance of the stations and the billing of end-users through our AMP IT Hub application.

This new installation showcases our ability to provide advanced charging solutions tailored to the growing needs of our clients. We are proud to actively contribute to the transition to a more environmentally friendly mobility.

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