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In residences equipped by AMP IT, we offer a turnkey charging service at the following rates: ​

20 CHF / month incl. VAT

Purchase and installation of your private charging station (one-time fee of CHF 2’600)

The kWh consumed are billed at the current local ecological rate

Charging station guaranteed for 5 years by the supplier

55 CHF / month incl. VAT

Rent your private charging station

The kWh consumed are billed at the local ecological rate in force

Charging system guaranteed and insured by AMP IT for the duration of the contract

Additional information to our subscriptions:

Done via RFID badge or mobile application allowing the locking / unlocking of your charging station

Monthly invoicing done by email and also available on the customer portal and the AMP IT app

Access to online and mobile platform for energy monitoring, invoices, contracts, remote service

Remote monitoring of your charging station and on-site troubleshooting provided by AMP IT for the duration of the contract

The minimum contract duration / term is 24 months. 

Our EV charging station is compatible with a Type 2 socket (conventional system accepted by all electric and hybrid vehicles currently marketed in Switzerland)

Renewable energy contracted directly from the local supplier by AMP IT