Report: Leading the Charge in Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

A new publication has been released in the Bilan journal, issue published in October 2023. We are sharing a part of this publication here.

A major player in the ecological transition, the company now aims to expand its operations internationally through the establishment of its own franchise network. Customized Charging Stations Founded in 2021, the AMP IT company designs and develops vehicle charging solutions that are both simple and entirely tailored to the needs of each customer. The charging stations are all equipped with an intelligent monitoring system to track real-time energy consumption trends. The company is currently deploying its solutions for individuals, businesses, and residential property owners across Switzerland. “For an individual who would like to have a charging station in their parking space within their residence, simply make the request on our website,” explains Ilya Tyuvildin, the co-founder of the company. The company then contacts the condominium managers for the system deployment. The individual incurs no installation costs, only a monthly subscription fee once the charging station is installed. “For property owners, this type of investment in the ecological transition is extremely interesting and sustainable!”

You can read the full article by clicking on the link below:

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